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Cosmetic formulators with a background in organic chemistry from Imperial College London, as well as post-doctoral research experience from Guy's Medical School, St. Thomas' Hospital, and Imperial College, specialize in formulation and cosmetic development. Their expertise ranges from high-end cosmeceutical formulations to green and clean natural and organic formulations. With a mission to assist brands and companies, their aim is to create award-winning formulations.

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Our methods

Raw Material Selection

With Green and Clean Beauty less is more in terms of raw materials. Raw Materials may need to have two functions to reduce costs for the client makke manufacturing Faster.

Formulation Time

It generally takes a few months to make a New Formulation and there will be several changes until the Client is Happy with perfume, texture, colour and performance of the Cosmetic Formulation.

Start on Clean Sheet of Paper

All Formulation we do for clients start from the Client Brief and our discussions on a Clean sheet of paper. There are always new raw materials coming on to the market times are better.

Formulation Testing

We will be here to help you with all the Testing and getting your products approved to be sold in the UK and EU.


Consultancy Help

red tube bottle on white table
red tube bottle on white table

Individual advice and help to learn more about your brand. We work through understand the market leaders, and competitors and can give you additional advice to your Manufacturer or Formulator.

£ Call us for Fees


Brand Development

woman wearing white towel
woman wearing white towel

New Product Development is key to Brands and Companies expanding and growing Organically. Helping Companies grow and expand is what we specialise.

£150 per hour

Doloress K.

Our new range of coloured lip Exfoliation Balms have really helped get Press coverage and new Clients. So happy we listened to the Cosmetic Formulators to have a new range of products. This has more than helped us grow our market share.

Anthony M.

Coming from a competitive Hair Care Range brand, the Advice that I got from Cosmetic Formulators was spot on. We changed the Surfactant to a much greener surfactant and to have changed our chemical actives to natural actives. This took a few months but the our sales have increased and we have happier and more loyal customers.

Happy Clients


Have any questions?

If you have any questions about formulation, regulation or Cosmetics manufacturing feel free to contact us.


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