Pilot Scale Cosmetic Cosmetic Manufacturing

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Our Pilot Scale Production Service

A pilot scale production batch is a trial batch of your formula made to ensure that it is scalable for market.

The Pilot Scale Production Service that we offer enables us to scale up your custom formulas and iron out potential manufacturing hurdles before moving onto larger scale production. These trial batches can be used for sampling purposes or for soft launches as an interim service, whilst you are in discussions with contract manufacturers.

Our Pilot Scale Production Service has been designed to:

  • Scale up your formulations to 10Kg, 30Kg or 50Kg batches depending on formulation design and product fill size.

  • Using our expertise, we will provide guidance on the best and most economical scale-up protocol for the formulation, helping you to avoid costly pitfalls when upscaling.

  • We have the capabilities to fill and label samples from the batch trials (depending on your packaging requirements).

  • We can offer up to 2 scale-up production batches for each newly developed formulation that has been developed for you by Cosmetic Formulation.

If yRange of Services

Our Pilot Scale Production Service further enhances and compliments our main services:

  • Bespoke Formulation Development

  • Ingredient Research and Development

  • Regulatory Support

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Products we have Formulated and Manufacture:

  • Soothing creams Bubble Bath

  • Bath oils Lip Balm

  • Salt scrubs Body Butter

  • Bath & shower gels Body Scrub

  • Body shampoos Body Oils

  • Bath milk Anhydrous Cosmetics

  • Bath salts Body Milk

  • Gels Hair Care

  • Lotions Hair Shampoo

  • Toners Hair Conditioner

  • Astringents Hair Mask

  • Serums Liquid soaps

  • Cleansers Hand & Body lotion

  • Anti-ageing Muscle gels

  • Skin tightening Antiperspirants

  • Sunscreen cream Massage creams

  • Tanning cream Antibacterial gels

  • Lightening cream Antibacterial Lotions

  • Exfoliators Vitamin Creams

  • Face scrubs Foot Care Products


What is it good for?

Cosmetic Formulation Relationship

Cosmetic formulation isn't just about mixing ingredients; it's a delicate dance between science and art. At its core lies the relationship between the formulator and a complex recipe, weaving together functionality and aesthetics. Every ingredient plays a distinct role, from the textural emollients to the vibrant pigments, their interactions creating a symphony of desired effects. Understanding these relationships demands the scientific mind of a chemist, balancing stability and efficacy. Yet, a dash of artistry transforms the formula from mere components to an experience. Sensory perception plays a crucial role, with texture, scent, and color influencing user preference. This intimate understanding of both science and art allows the formulator to craft a beautiful product that delivers on its promises, leaving a lasting impression on the skin and the senses.

Beliefs and values

Driven by a blend of passion and purpose, cosmetic formulators often hold a unique set of beliefs and values. They champion innovation, constantly seeking new ingredients and techniques to push the boundaries of what's possible. Efficacy reigns supreme, with a dedication to creating products that deliver tangible results and enhance users' wellbeing. Safety stands paramount, ensuring every formula adheres to strict regulations and prioritizes consumer health. Additionally, sustainability is gaining traction, leading formulators to seek eco-friendly practices and ethically sourced ingredients. Inclusivity also plays a growing role, driving the creation of products that cater to diverse skin tones and types. Ultimately, cosmetic formulators believe in the power of transformation, striving to develop products that empower individuals to express themselves confidently and feel beautiful in their own skin.

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