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Dr Cuross Bakhtiar in white lab coat
Dr Cuross Bakhtiar in white lab coat

My initial interest in science started at an early in prmary school when I discovered the world of crystals and chemistry. Fast-forward a few years and I studied at University in the USA picking up awards for science and medical research studies. I then studied at Imperial College in the Orangic Chemistry Department of Imperial College. In the top ten world Ranking Universties with my Masters and PhD.

In my work, I like to place emphasis on self-reliance and self-discovery, meaning that I prefer to take the role of a facilitator or a mentor, rather than being the one with the answers. We like to keep to Clean and Green Formulations when possible. We care about the enviroment and help clients and Brands. My methodology follows the current research in the field overall, and I take care of keeping on top of all new developments and always keeping the Client involved in their Formulation.

We actively participate in more than twelve conferences and seminars annually, as they provide us with valuable opportunities to expand our knowledge. Our primary goal is to gain insights from the formulations and research work of others, particularly in the academic field. By attending these events, we strive to stay abreast of the latest advancements and breakthroughs. Additionally, we believe in the importance of knowledge sharing and giving back to the community. Therefore, we also dedicate ourselves to teaching and presenting our own research findings in our lab. This reciprocal approach allows us to both learn from others and impart our knowledge, fostering a fruitful exchange of ideas and contributing to the collective progress in our field.

Semiars a Year, In 2023 we help host two Seminars for Personal Care Industry for Royal Society of Chemisty. The first was Sustaibility in Cosmetics and the Second New Trends in Nano Encapsulations In Pharmacutical and Cosmetic Industry.


Our Methods

Raw Material Selection

With Green and Clean Beauty less is more in terms of raw materials. Raw Materials may need to have two functions to reduce costs for the client makke manufacturing Faster.

Start on Clean Sheet of Paper

All Formulation we do for clients start from the Client Brief and our discussions on a Clean sheet of paper. There are always new raw materials coming on to the market many times are better.

Formulation Time

It generally takes 6 - 12 months to make a New Formulation and there will be several changes until the Client is Happy with perfume, tectures, colour and performance of the Cosmetic Formulation.

Formulation Testing

We will be here to help you with all the Testing and getting your products approved to be sold in the UK and EU.

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Trying my best to learn


Imperial College

Master of Science and PhD
1988 - 1993

Guy's Medical School (UMDS)

Free Radical Research and Sickle Cell Research


Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Society of Cosmetic Science (SCS)

Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)

Biochemical Society (Biochem)


Harley Street Cosmetic Ltd
Urban Retreat

Anatomical PLC

Jasan Cosmetics

Cosmetic Lab



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Doloress K.

Cosmetic Formulation has really helped Us overcome the Bottle Neck with New Product Development within Our Company. Now, We feel happier and more confident since having new products and formulations being introduced into our brand.

Anthony M.

Coming from a competitive Male Grooming background, You need to ahead of our competitors to get coverage in Press. Dr. Cuross came up with ideasd and suggestions for us that elevated our range into the Premium Market. We have higher margin products and more orders than we imagined.

Happy clients